Wednesday, 17 June 2009


At MattsCanvas, customer care is of utmost importance to us. Therefore we have now installed a new feedback system within our website. The feedback system consists of a small triangular button on the bottom right hand side of our homepage & other webpages. Once this button is clicked the feedback form opens giving you several options to choose from. This form, which takes less than a minute to fill out, gives us insight to our customer's opinions. This is always important to us and helps us to keep our customer care at its highest standards and helps us improve overall online customer experience.

Not sure what to give feedback on? Then have a wander around our website and see what you think! Our categories consist of canvas prints, photos on canvas, pop art portraits & pet portraits. Our portraits styles include Warhol pop art, Lichtenstein pop art, che guevara pop art and comic pop art.

To leave your feedback, click on the red triangle on the bottom right hand corner of our homepage...

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