Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Art of Photos on canvas

With the help of technology, photographs can now be printed on canvas and be hanged like paintings in your living room. Putting photos on canvas has become the “in” thing and you must not be left behind. Why not try one today?.

Putting photos on canvas has been around ever since 1950s. Back in those days, technology was not that advanced and the use of offset printing produced low quality results. With the help of modern printers, printing on canvas produces impressive results.

Modern printers used in this kind of reproduction can be either inkjet or dye-sublimation. These printers are capable of printing on large scale feeds like a 50 meter cotton or polymer canvas.

Putting photos on canvas is a cheap alternative to original artwork. Printing it costs as little as eighteen pounds. You would be shelling out only a small amount of the total price of a painting. Go and research now what the works of your favorite artists are and have them printed.

You can choose whatever pictures you want. You can even convert the pictures to pop art portraits .You can feature your child’s first work, your prom night, graduation day, wedding, birthday, family reunion, or anniversaries. It is a great feeling to wake up everyday and reminisce on that one memorable day of your life.

There are also available paintings of artists that you can reproduce and decorate in your house. You can bring home a Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, or Warhol. You can even reproduce all of their artworks if you like.

Having your photos on canvas is great way to express personal gratitude to your special friends guaranteed that they will enjoy the gift.

Owning photos on canvas is a satisfying experience. It has a benefit of being a classy home décor. You can order dozens or hundreds of them and you still have not spent a fortune. If you are tired of looking at one canvas print then you can change it to another canvas print.

Aside from pictures, you can also make caricatures or water color versions of your friends. With the help of image editing software, or you can transform them to pop art portraits if you find an artist with fine art skills. Your imagination is the only limit as to the possibilities of this artwork.

A gallery wrapped canvas print is a stretched finish product to fit the sides of a wooden frame. The canvas is stapled at the back so that what you can see in front is the seamless picture without nuisance. Buyers usually choose gallery-wrapped canvas prints because it gives a 3D illusion to the picture.

Printing photos on canvas results to a great gift item. Order now from the canvas print expert and experience the satisfaction yourself.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Factors that Contribute to the Long Lasting Quality of Canvas Prints

Many artists, just like photographers are very particular about detail. Their major concern is how to keep their photographs in the best quality possible for the longest period of time. With photography as their major expression of creativity and art, the last thing they want to happen is to put their masterpieces in the bin.

But did you know that the quality of a photos on canvas can last for more than 100 years? Canvas prints or photos printed on canvas will not only look nice on the day you receive it, but for a many, many years. You may ask how this is possible since most of the canvas prints are not even covered by glass. However, there are some factors that contribute to what seems to be an “ageless” photo canvas.

The first thing that we must consider is the quality of inks being used in printing photo to canvas. In order to produce crisp color detail, the company should only choose a high quality brand of ink so that it will produce vivid and more detailed colors on the canvas print. The inks that are used should only be tested by the printing industry as second to none inks in order to give better results.

The next factor is the quality of the canvas. Just the same as ink, you also need a high quality canvas so the ink will be properly printed. The ink may not properly embed if you use a low quality canvas.

The last factor that you have to consider is the sealant. What the sealant does is it puts a protective coat over the ink. In this way, the ink will retain its natural vividness since it will be protected from some environmental factors like moist, heat, and air. This is the reason why canvas print’s colors do not seem to fade even when exposed to light.

By combining all of these factors, you are sure to have long lasting and perfect canvas prints that can be the center of attention in any household. This is the best way to keep your most treasured moments like a wedding portrait in your home.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Using Canvas Prints as Play Backgrounds

While school plays are full of fanfare, they are also events that need a lot of preparation. There are a lot of lines to be remembered. A lot of props to be made. And all of these must be planned, coordinated and executed well for the entire play to be a success. Each play or story is very different from each other. As such, each requires a distinctive backdrop or set design of its own. While it may be entirely possible to construct and build designs using cardboard or paper, one must consider that these materials always tend to fade, and get tattered and torn and old over time.

The more durable and even highly creative method in making a backdrop is the use of poster prints and canvas prints. With the use of canvas printing and poster printing, just about any image, photograph or even drawing on a certain setting or theme can be easily done. The good thing about canvas prints is that whether the set design and backdrop calls for a very large unified format for the entire stage, or quite a lot of smaller poster prints, both medium can be made the most of as colorful backgrounds to the stage props and actors.

One of the ideas that should be explored in using canvas prints as backdrops for school plays is to consult the storybook themes. Prints can feature set designs for the most well known romance, adventure, comedy or tragedy stories. You can also borrow the background from the most popular scenes of Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Bible stories, Tom Sawyer. Making use of or the classic sets of play such as Romeo and Juliet, The Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady is also a good choice.

Another great option would be to use historical themes on your canvas prints. There are a lot of readily available images depicting the most popular historical events such as the Battle of Gettysburg, The First Thanksgiving, The Great Chinese Dynasties, The Roman Empire, The Great Depression. Historical themes are good options as they are easily identifiable. Fantastic and whimsical deigns, which includes carnival, medieval age, cartoon world, deserted island, pirate ship, desert caravan, underwater, outer space exploration or treasure hunt are also good options.

Canvas printing and poster printing is easily accessible with the onset of printing company websites. Most websites offer their customers and potential costumes the liberty to upload any design and choose from custom sizes. In addition to that, these canvas prints also come with UV and eco-friendly coatings to resist fading and water. Most printing companies also offer stretched or rolled canvas prints which are easy to mount or hang on stage, making the prints are durable, able to be repositioned and reusable for the next stage play.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Canvas Prints as part of your interior design

It is very difficult to always come out with fresh interior ideas, but with canvas prints, you can never run out of plans. Drafting and executing a design for a certain room can be a very boundless and amusing to do. There is a wide range of natural and synthetic materials readily available in the market, and with the surplus of materials, there is no other place for the imagination to wander through but to run wild.

It’s a sad reality though that not all projects could allow designers to carry out free reign when it comes to designing. Most clients impose importance on a budget restriction and while this is supposedly hampering on the output, these are frequently the occasions when the interior designers have to thoroughly apply their resourcefulness, originality and creativity.

Most people would go for and prefer that in creating wall décors and wall accents, there would be relief sculptures, elegant tapestries, stylish art paintings or classy wall paper. An extraordinarily revolutionary but reasonably priced substitute to high end and high priced pieces is the use of canvas prints or poster prints.

Simply put, any canvas prints can easily become great wall accents. Just about any image, photo or design can be easily assembled and printed on canvas prints. Poster printing also fosters the variety of style and artistry that can be used in any design. It would of course be a lot much better if interior designers are inspired to produce original work on the canvas or poster print but canvas prints could also be without difficulty framed and suspended on one or two sides of a room to hand round as a framed painting.

Of course, posters can also be used as framed wall accents. They could also be used as fine art prints of classic and modern paintings. In addition, canvas prints can easily help maintain atmosphere. To enhance and position the mood for audio visual rooms or home theater systems, movie poster prints could also be utilized. Murals as canvas prints on stairwell wall or nursery rooms on the other hand could induce a very welcoming mood.

Canvas and poster prints are very easy and convenient to fabricate through readily available online printing services. There are a lot of websites where designers upload their custom designs for their potential customers to choose from, with the option of course of customizing the size.


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Monday, 20 July 2009

Canvas Prints with Photo Montage

Photo montages in canvas prints has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular approach in displaying a photograph on the walls of homes or even offices. The way to produce great looking canvas art can actually be very, very simple. Putting together photographs can be a tough decision considering the gamut of pictures available. But there is actually a lot of beauty produced by utmost simplicity. And if you are having a hard time creating your own photo montage, you can easily find a service that will do it for you.

First, do not think of the final product yet. Instead, concentrate on the photos that you have at hand. You don’t need to arrange them in a certain way. Just put them together. It can be any of your favorite photographs and they can be photographs of people, places, or items. The subject could vary in as restricting as family portraits to a more general scope like favorite holiday destinations or vacation spots. Do not decide yet. Just gather all the pictures you have and put them side by side. Take your time and try to remember what you appreciate about each of them-and what you like about them as a whole.

Great looking montages can be created simply by putting together a selection of related pictures, say from a particular event like a wedding or an engagement party. Photo montages are not simply a fantastic solution to picking the right photograph. With the emergence of so many high tech gadgets like digital cameras and mobile cameras, there is no denying that you would be swamped with pictures. Photo montage canvas prints give you the ability to collect as many of these photos and still preserve them without discarding any of it. Instead of choosing one image to display on a big print, you can use unlimited photos as canvas are available in a good selection of sizes.

With so many options to choose from, the single major problem is simply making the right choice. How do you reduce the dozens and dozens of photographs down to just one? Ask yourself important questions. If you would be making a canvas print with photo montage regarding your marriage, how do you perfectly show marriage in a single picture? Fortunately, with photo montage all you need is to collect photographs and combine them into one single image. Then if one photo stands up, simply overlay it as background.

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Friday, 17 July 2009

Canvas Photo Prints as Wedding Gifts

Photos function with the eminent purpose as the tool that preserves our memories. While they serve a good deal of immortalizing those precious moments, some bigger than life events need more reverence than getting preserved on a simple photo.

Wedding is deemed as one of the most important events, considering that it is the day when marriage, an entirely new life starts. Canvas prints, is the tool which allows you to preserve those memories in the form that is bigger than the usual pictures and photos. Canvas photo prints establish themselves as one of the best if not the best wedding gifts as they provide you with excellent quality images.

There are a lot of printing companies readily available online which provide canvas photo printing services with wedding specialization mechanics that allows the customers to have their photos be edited according to their liking and requirements. All you would have to do is to choose the best of your wedding photos. The printing companies will return them in canvas print.

Canvas photo prints varies in design and style. This option enhances the overall use of canvas prints and since they are available in different shapes and sizes, they become more delightful to buyers. You can easily transform your picture to a wallpaper size canvas print and even control the attire and aura of your room depending on the image you want to display.

While aesthetics is very important factor, one must also take into consideration the paper used for your canvas picture. The texture of a paper is just as important as how it looks. You must bear in mind that abrasive matte textures must be avoided. The paper with smoothest pure finish on the market would have to be the most expensive but surely you would not want to preserve your most important memory on the cheapest paper.

The production of canvas prints is very simple yet the output product is very durable. One must find a company that prints only on the finest materials. For instance, one must consider the fact that photos must be printed all the way down till the water resistant sealer as it is the very component which prevents it from depreciation in future. Only when these quality measures are done does the canvas photo print turn out to be durable enough to leads the life of a canvas prints that lasts a hundred years.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Advantages of Choosing Canvas Prints over Photo Paper Prints

Are you looking for the perfect gift that you can give on a very special occasion? Or are you someone who just wants to give a special present for your loved one? If your answer is yes, then why not try to give a canvas print as a present?

If this is your first time to encounter this term, canvas print is the outcome when you print a photo on canvas. This picture can be just any picture of your loved one or the celebrant of an occasion that is going to be printed out in to a canvas. Printing the photo on canvas is going to give a painting-like texture to it. It seems that your gift is a portrait painting that looks expensive and with class.

But you may say that you can just have the photos printed on a photo paper. You can do that however there are some advantages if you will have the photo on canvas. First of all, the quality of the picture sometimes relies on the paper that is used for printing. So when a different paper is used, the outcome may not be as good as what you are looking for. Whereas photos on canvas’ quality may not be an issue since those who will look at it is going to appreciate it as an art holistically. They will take this as paintings and that the saturation of the colors may just be an artist’s expression on his art.

The next advantage is that using photo papers on printing will give you a limitation in terms of size. Not only in printing, have even the frame sizes also had a limit in size. Unlike canvas prints, you can have it printed in any size that you want since canvases are flexible or stretchable & you can have it framed even without glass.

Lastly is that this will make your gift more special as it is going to be a good display on the receiver’s living room. The portrait painting like finish that a canvas print has will increase not only the monetary value of your gift but also its sentimental value.

MattsCanvas has the ability to transform your special photos to canvas using a craftsman skill and artists’ strictness when it comes to details. In this manner, you will not only bring happiness to the receiver but also to yourself by knowing that you made another person joyful with their unique photo on canvas gift!

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Friday, 10 July 2009

For Great Looking Baby Gifts, Get Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are one of the most superb baby gifts for the new parents. With the array of wide range in sizes, including bespoke canvas dimensions, there is a gamut of products readily available to match every theme and meet any budget restriction. And while baby gifts are usually given to new parents, it is also perfect for grandparents, aunts and uncles, other family members and most especially to the baby himself/herself. Not only do baby canvas prints make outstanding baby gifts, they also continue to offer a lifetime of delight and admirable value for a long time.

Probably the biggest benefit of using canvas prints as baby gifts is the simple reason that they are long lasting. Photo canvases or canvas prints, are high definition prints and exceptional pieces of wall art that can last a lifetime. They also retain all of the appeal, fascination, and great looks that they had when they were just new. If you procure a canvas print for your baby, the print would still seem new until the time your baby leaves home and starts their own family.

Canvas prints of babies are both personal and unique. The excellent value of the photographic reproduction not only offers a outstandingly lifelike image but it ensures that the canvas keeps hold of its good looks and charm. There can never be a more personal baby gift than a wall art designed by means of the photographs of a newborn baby's.

Size always matter. When it comes to canvas prints, choosing the right photo canvas service is very, very important. A wise move would be to a service that would offer standard sizes but also backs up the range with a service on bespoke canvas creation. In this manner, should you have an extraordinary request, such as a very huge canvas print, you can easily be assured of getting the precise dimension necessary; ideal for an exceptionally special baby gift.

Always remember that photo canvas print can only be enjoyed for a lifetime if it is crafted properly. Evidently, quality is an extremely essential aspect as well. In choosing baby gifts, canvas prints in particular, you ought to make an effort to ensure that you will be given the best possible service, which means the most superior materials and the finest printing techniques. Only by making this certain could you enjoy the astonishing looking, long lasting, photo canvas print baby gifts.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Amazing art of randoms!

Just seen some amazing art on a local show of Scottish artist Sarah Muirhead. Being a fellow Scot I felt the need to blog on her amazing artwork. She is a recent graduate of Edinburgh University and according to the show she is also playing a part in the public art campaign in the London Underground.

She finds her models from randomly meeting people in the street, 'outside bookies' and 'tatoo parlours' etc! How random!? I love it... There's a vulnerability to her paintings that just makes me want to sit and stare. I can't take my eyes away!

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Collecting memories from photos on canvas

One way of reminiscing memories that have been made wonderfully is to print photos on canvas with the help of today’s advanced technology. A lot of special effects can be done and make the piece serve not just as a memorabilia but a significant artwork that can be used as display in one’s home to be noticed by friends and relatives.

To have such a printed, creative piece done, one can save a lot of time and money with coming up with an exquisite material, packed with personal touch and original artistic creation. It is something that could be hung around your house to add warmth and lift up emotions. Printed photos on canvas are also a perfect idea for a gift especially if you intend to wish and express thanks to someone.

To have some photos printed on canvas is not a complex thing to do. If you would take the time to search online, there are lots of online companies that offer such service. They would just require you to submit your photo or a negative that they may need for the process. One credible site is MattsCanvas, where the main expertise is on printing photos to canvas, with a run of over 15 years both in the print and media industry. As you place your order of request, their art and photo experts can also help you out with whatever kind of special effects you need to add to make the piece more unique and full of taste.

Canvas has been known to be a durable material. You can even have the first letter written by your child and still capture and preserve it on canvas, and make it last along with the most treasured memory it made out of itself. Important images from very special events that may have transpired in your life and of the family like birthdays, travel holidays, Christmas, marriage ---- everything can be captured by this photos on canvas process.

If you are finally decided to have one of your pictures to be done into this, make sure that all blemishes and red-eye effects are eliminated and improved by the one who would handle the service for you. In fact, it is even highly suggested if you would let your photos be converted first into black and white since it could emerge as something more dramatic.

Order your photos now on canvas prints by simply visiting MattsCanvas.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Making Your Gift More Special with Canvas Prints

There would be times when we are drawn to thinking deeply about the best gift that we can provide to our loved ones. The gifts that you can see in the mall are becoming too common that you can think that almost all people have those already. You may want to give something that is very expensive to make sure that they do not have a similar copy. However, it is not always possible due to some financial issues that you may encounter. With this, why not try to point your attention to canvas prints?

Canvas prints are any regular photo that is printed on canvas. By letting it pass to a printer, your photo will instantly look like a painting on a canvas with the texture and the quality of the printout.

Why choose printing photos on canvas? This is for the reason that you can choose the photo that you like to be printed out. In this way, you are sure that the gift is just going to be unique to your receiver. You can select a portrait of you and your spouse’s wedding, a solo portrait of your loved one or landscape art. You are free to choose anything that you want.

The other reason for choosing a canvas print as a gift is that you are sure that it will be long lasting. By utilizing the high quality materials such as ink, canvas and sealants and equipment such as printer, you are sure to have a gift that will last for a long time. This will ensure that your canvas photos will have obscure fading and keep its quality at its best. Because of this, you can keep these photo canvases displayed for as long as you want in your home.

Lastly, having a painting-like portrait will truly make a person happy. This is because the gift that you are giving him or her looks very sophisticated and elegant. In this manner, the receiver will feel more special and appreciated.

You might think that the elegance and long lasting quality of canvas prints cost much but actually they are provided at a reasonable price.

Canvas prints made by MattsCanvas can provide a high quality photo to canvas print at a fair price. In this way, you can make every occasion more special because of your gift. These types of personalized gifts are really cherished and kept for a long period of time in the home and in gratitude.

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Memories Preserved in Canvas Preserved for a Lifetime

No one wants to let go off precious moments. Memories always have a special place in our hearts and minds. Try to imagine what life would be like without any remembrance of your first birthday or first year in junior high? Fortunately, there are ways of protecting those moments and making sure that they remain with us forever.

One of the best ways, if not the best way of preserving fond memories is definitely capturing your favourite photos on canvas. Through that you can always relive the moment whenever you want. You just need to locate the right photo from the right album and then you can have the memento that could rekindle the memory and the feeling it elicits.

For the usual happy moments in life, like last week's awesome picnic trip or last years exciting football game, photos on canvas compensate. On the other hand, when it comes to occasions that supersede every day walk in the park, you need not preserve them in ordinary ways. The memory has a deeper value when you are talking about your wedding photograph, for example.

One of the good options is to make those memories matter and live on forever though canvas photo printing. A canvas photo print provides these larger than life memories a permanent habitat, as canvas photos are durable and not easily torn or faded like the usual photographs. A canvas photo also can help warm up the home and demonstrate a lot about your personality.

Canvas print companies could help you feel special with the variety of type and feel that you would want to associate your memory with. There are all sorts of customizable frames, boarders and colors to pick from. There are a wide variety of other custom options to choose from and also diverse print effects that you can choose form along with. Mattscanvas can help you in turning those memories into life with photos on canvas.

The next time you feel an important event is coming, make sure to take a picture in high resolution as you might decide in the future on making it stand out over the other photos you have. Canvas prints can impress and remind you of the most important events as you could hang them on walls or make them your substitute for wallpaper. Never forget that the canvas photo print is always an option you cannot afford to miss out and not consider.

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