Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Advantages of Choosing Canvas Prints over Photo Paper Prints

Are you looking for the perfect gift that you can give on a very special occasion? Or are you someone who just wants to give a special present for your loved one? If your answer is yes, then why not try to give a canvas print as a present?

If this is your first time to encounter this term, canvas print is the outcome when you print a photo on canvas. This picture can be just any picture of your loved one or the celebrant of an occasion that is going to be printed out in to a canvas. Printing the photo on canvas is going to give a painting-like texture to it. It seems that your gift is a portrait painting that looks expensive and with class.

But you may say that you can just have the photos printed on a photo paper. You can do that however there are some advantages if you will have the photo on canvas. First of all, the quality of the picture sometimes relies on the paper that is used for printing. So when a different paper is used, the outcome may not be as good as what you are looking for. Whereas photos on canvas’ quality may not be an issue since those who will look at it is going to appreciate it as an art holistically. They will take this as paintings and that the saturation of the colors may just be an artist’s expression on his art.

The next advantage is that using photo papers on printing will give you a limitation in terms of size. Not only in printing, have even the frame sizes also had a limit in size. Unlike canvas prints, you can have it printed in any size that you want since canvases are flexible or stretchable & you can have it framed even without glass.

Lastly is that this will make your gift more special as it is going to be a good display on the receiver’s living room. The portrait painting like finish that a canvas print has will increase not only the monetary value of your gift but also its sentimental value.

MattsCanvas has the ability to transform your special photos to canvas using a craftsman skill and artists’ strictness when it comes to details. In this manner, you will not only bring happiness to the receiver but also to yourself by knowing that you made another person joyful with their unique photo on canvas gift!

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