Thursday, 23 July 2009

Using Canvas Prints as Play Backgrounds

While school plays are full of fanfare, they are also events that need a lot of preparation. There are a lot of lines to be remembered. A lot of props to be made. And all of these must be planned, coordinated and executed well for the entire play to be a success. Each play or story is very different from each other. As such, each requires a distinctive backdrop or set design of its own. While it may be entirely possible to construct and build designs using cardboard or paper, one must consider that these materials always tend to fade, and get tattered and torn and old over time.

The more durable and even highly creative method in making a backdrop is the use of poster prints and canvas prints. With the use of canvas printing and poster printing, just about any image, photograph or even drawing on a certain setting or theme can be easily done. The good thing about canvas prints is that whether the set design and backdrop calls for a very large unified format for the entire stage, or quite a lot of smaller poster prints, both medium can be made the most of as colorful backgrounds to the stage props and actors.

One of the ideas that should be explored in using canvas prints as backdrops for school plays is to consult the storybook themes. Prints can feature set designs for the most well known romance, adventure, comedy or tragedy stories. You can also borrow the background from the most popular scenes of Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Bible stories, Tom Sawyer. Making use of or the classic sets of play such as Romeo and Juliet, The Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady is also a good choice.

Another great option would be to use historical themes on your canvas prints. There are a lot of readily available images depicting the most popular historical events such as the Battle of Gettysburg, The First Thanksgiving, The Great Chinese Dynasties, The Roman Empire, The Great Depression. Historical themes are good options as they are easily identifiable. Fantastic and whimsical deigns, which includes carnival, medieval age, cartoon world, deserted island, pirate ship, desert caravan, underwater, outer space exploration or treasure hunt are also good options.

Canvas printing and poster printing is easily accessible with the onset of printing company websites. Most websites offer their customers and potential costumes the liberty to upload any design and choose from custom sizes. In addition to that, these canvas prints also come with UV and eco-friendly coatings to resist fading and water. Most printing companies also offer stretched or rolled canvas prints which are easy to mount or hang on stage, making the prints are durable, able to be repositioned and reusable for the next stage play.

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