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Canvas Prints, the cheaper alternative for replicating your Artwork

Art enthusiasts would be very happy with this cheaper alternative to replicating the works of great artists in their home interiors. Not only that, photographs of memorable events in life can now be printed on canvas and be displayed as a painting. The end products are called canvas prints. These are high-quality images or photographs printed on canvas.

Be it a walk in the park, your first date, your graduation day, your child’s first walk or your first portrait, all of these special moments can be printed to canvas prints and will have the finish of a painting.

Depending on your preference the canvas prints can be stretched, framed, or rolled in a tube for you to choose your own display options. You can now hang those memories on the wall as your very own pieces of art.

Early reproductions of canvas prints are printed through offset printing. Plates containing copies of images are assigned one color blanket. Three to four rubber blankets are utilized depending on the color scheme used (Red, Green, and Yellow or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Later on, printers were used in the 1990’s. Now canvas printing is done with dye sublimation printers or inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are the most popular canvas printers nowadays. Reproduction is done by printing a canvas made of either cotton or poly canvas on large format printers.

It is amazing that canvas prints can reproduce your pictures as large as 60 inches. You can print paintings in a large scale format. You can print Da Vinci or Van Gogh in a 8 inch canvas if you like. The only limits are your imagination.

Owning personal one off canvas prints is a rewarding experience. It has many advantages not to mention that household owners are now buying these things in bulk for home decoration.

If you own one, you are getting a sophisticated piece of art. It can be labeled as an art form and your house will look modern and personal with the addition of these photo canvases.

Canvas Art is very low maintenance. Unlike original pieces, they do not need much protection from water, light, and dust. They can be posted anywhere and you can easily order another design if you are tired of the canvas prints you already own due to the reasonable costing in comparison to original artwork.

You can have many designs you want. With several designs to choose from and many memorable photos in your keepsake, the possibilities are endless. You just need to specify the dimensions and the picture you want to reproduce and the finished product will be delivered to you in days.

Canvas Prints are very affordable. You can get one in a small fraction of the price of the original artwork. That means you can have sophistication and art without spending a fortune.

What are you waiting for? Choose a photo from your treasure box and convert it to a Canvas Print now.

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