Thursday, 13 August 2009

Photos to Canvas for the Art lover

If you are an art lover who loves to collect different works of famous painters, you might be interested to know a cheaper alternative in earning a copy of your favorite work. If you have a repository of photographs and you want a creative way to remember them, you can choose to turn these photos to canvas. The process of turning artworks or photos to canvas is called canvas printing. The results are satisfying as the printed canvas displays every detail and color you want, much like the original artwork or picture.

You can put any photos to canvas. You may want to recollect on your happy days with friends, first love, first date, wedding, first kiss, or graduation days with the help of canvas prints. They will be printed directly on canvas so your pictures would look like paintings.

The end results are vibrant. You can add an effect on them. You can specify that you want a charcoal effect on it, or you want it to be black and white, or you simply want it to be colored.

You can also add a frame to the finish product to complement the painting “feel” of the canvas print. Photos to canvas can either be stretched, framed, or gallery wrapped.

Gallery wrapping is the choice of artwork owners when they want to show only the entire artwork upfront without any staples or nails showing. The canvas is stretched and stapled only at the back of the wooden frame.

Gone were the days when offset printing or printing with the use of color molds is utilized to print photos to canvas. In those days, a color scheme is followed and the canvas must go through the offset printer several times just to achieve the finished product. With this procedure, the results are not that good.

Thanks to modern technology, you do not have to follow RGB or CMYK scheme and you do not have to wait long just to see the results. Modern large scale printers can print your photos in just minutes with very impressive results. Within days, the end results are delivered right at your very home.

Every canvas print is affordable. With as little as 25 dollars, you can print your photographs. You can print all you want. When you order though, please specify the exact dimensions of your finished product so that we can print it right away and it won’t be any hassle to you.

You can print even the pictures of your favorite artists, visited places, or your own artworks. This way, you can change the decorations in your house as many times as you want.

It is relatively easy to maintain a canvas print. With an original art piece, you need to protect it from outside elements like dust, moisture, and light. A canvas print does not need this kind of protection

If you are interested, you better dig that repository of pictures or search for your favorite art pieces now. Having these works transform from photos to canvas is a wonderful experience.

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