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Portrait Photography Tips - How to Capture Stunning Pictures of Your Children

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Photography is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. With a camera in your hand, you can take pictures of just about anyone or anything you lay your eyes on. But when transferring your Photo to Canvas you want the photo to be the best it possibly can be! We would like to share some tips on achieving the best Canvas Prints possible!

Photography has several types and there are certain people that specialise on each type. Portrait Photography is a renowned type of photography. First of all, portrait photography is defined wherein the main focus is on the face and the expression of the subject. The purpose of this kind of photography is to show the mood, likeness and personality of whoever is being photographed. One thing that separates portrait photography from other photography techniques is the fact that the subjects being used are non-professional models. The most common subjects for portrait photography are children. Children are normally happy and carefree, making them the perfect models for portrait photography. If you want to take shots of your children like a pro, here are some portrait photography tips that you may utilise.

Below are our top ten Portrait Photography tips:

1. Do not stick to one angle. Change your perspective.
This is first up on the list of portrait photography tips for many reasons. First of all, the majority of portrait shots are captured with the camera positioned on the subject’s eye level or around it. Although this is standard in photography, experimenting with different angles to shoot from can provide that certain “WOW” factor in your portrait. One good idea is to shoot from the top while looking down on your subject. You may also do it the other way around, with you staying as close as possible to the ground while shooting up. Regardless of what angle, you will surely find something interesting with your shot. Experiment!

2. Alter eye contact.
The eyes of your subject can greatly affect the whole picture. Usually, photographers have their subjects look directly at the lens of the camera. This creates a “connection” between the model and the people who are looking at the image. Some also prefer no eye contact at all. Looking off the camera shows candidness. Moreover, the viewer of the picture gets a bit curious as to what the subject is looking at, particularly when the subject is laughing, crying or showing any emotions. There are also some photographers that have the models looking at objects in the frame. A good example is a child looking hungrily at his plate. Experiment!

3. Learn when to “break the rules”.
Photography also has its share of rules. Now don’t get me wrong, these rules are really very useful. However, they are not applicable at all times. Sometimes, you have got to break free from rules to create stunning photos. Do I have to say it again?

4. Experiment with your lighting.
Lighting is essential in photography. Sometimes, the lighting can determine the quality of the shot. There are literally numerous possibilities when using lighting in your portraits. Silhouetting or backlighting creates a sense of power while side lighting can produce a great mood. And remember you do not need expensive lighting to do this. Simply use what you have around your house. POsition lights in different areas and see which results you prefer.

5. Take your subject out of his/her comfort zone.
Have your subject try something new. He or she should not get used to limited poses and angles. One thing that he may try is the jumping shot. This can create a real unique portrait. Try something out of the box every once in a while. However, always try to show the subjects character through the photograph.

6. Capture candid portraits.
Sometime, posed shots become boring and overrated. There are some subjects that do not mesh well with a posed environment or they simply do not look good on posed pictures. If this is the case, you may try the candid approach. Take a picture of your child while he is playing, eating or taking a bath. This will make the whole “candid” thing natural. Again use this time to experiment with lighting at different levels.

7. Include props in your photo shoot.
Adding props into your portraits is a way of producing another subject of interest that can improve your shot. You should, however, use props that will not capture the focus of the viewer. Rather, use some props that will give a sense of story to the image. For your own children then why not use that favourite toy? This can only add to your 'connection' with the photograph. You will always have that memory to look back on when your children outgrow that favourite toy!

8. Center your attention on a single body part. Do close ups.
This is one of the most effective portrait photography tips being utilized by professionals. Take a close picture of any of your subject’s body parts. The usual targets are the hands, mouth, eyes and even the lower body. These kinds of portraits can leave the viewers of the portraits wondering about its meaning. Try a low shot with the hand being the closest in view and the child's face distant in the background.

9. Make parts of your subject unclear.
You probably have seen portraits where everything but the subject is vague and unclear. This technique is done on purpose and can put emphasis on the subject and not on the people or objects that surround it. Or have a reputable company like MattsCanvas deal with such amendments for you.

10. Capture multiple shots.
Most of the cameras today have “continuous shooting” or “burst” modes. Set your camera to this mode and start taking multiple shots. In doing so, you will be making a series of pictures that could be combined together rather than a single image. This idea is perfect for children, since they change positions quickly.

By applying the aforementioned Portrait Photography tips, you can start taking pictures of the little ones just like a professional photographer.

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