Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why are Giclee Canvas Prints Popular?

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Art aficionados find joy in obtaining masterpieces that show the depth of talent of great painters. Breathtaking artworks are appreciated not only for their beauty, but also for the inspiring message they try to convey. Regardless of what paintings represent, be it a social reality or an abstract concept, people who are passionate about art would always love to purchase these masterpieces. But the problem is, paintings do not come cheap. The high costs of paintings, especially those created by well-known artists, make purchasing them next to impossible for people with limited budgets. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives to costly traditional paintings for budget-constrained art enthusiasts. Among the most popular today are Giclee canvas prints.

For those who are not familiar with art terms, Giclee (pronounced as zhee-klay) is a French word that refers to a spray of liquid. Nowadays, Giclee is usually associated with innovation in photo printing technology. Giclee or art printing involves scanning images digitally and printing them using premium-quality inks as well as photo paper, fine art, or canvas as bases. In creating canvas prints, large inkjet printers spray inks to canvases. A group of highly skilled technicians and artists run the canvas printing process.

For some people with passion for art, nothing can replace the value and quality of original canvas artworks. To some extent, this argument may be valid. But the value of Giclee canvas prints can never be underestimated. Giclee prints are very popular these days among art enthusiasts who cannot afford to purchase expensive original paintings. The huge savings from purchasing Giclee prints can be a great advantage—one can buy more canvas prints with the savings. These canvas artworks are very much in demand not only for their affordability, but also for their stunning aesthetic appeal. They are ideal as wall decors and gifts during special occasions. On top of all that, Giclee prints allow much room for customisation—there are various sizes and designs available for every preference.

Another reason for the rising popularity of Giclee prints is that a lot of canvas photo printing companies offer Giclee printing of the masterpieces of well-known international artists. And most of these online canvas printing service providers feature attention-grabbing canvas prints both for art enthusiasts and those who simply want to decorate their homes or offices.
When it comes to quality, Giclee prints can rival that of original masterpieces. For example, classic Giclee prints use almost the same colour and texture as traditional paintings. Giclee prints are also known for their color accuracy.

In a nutshell, art lovers with limited budgets need not hurt their pockets just to be able to purchase a very expensive painting. Giclee canvas prints are a cheaper substitute, without compromising quality and value. Interested in getting one? You can pick a canvas artwork that appeals to you and have it undergo digital scanning. Also, you can use canvas art prints to make the photos of your family or friends last for a very long time. In doing so, you keep your fondest memories alive with the help of Giclee printing.

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