Friday, 30 July 2010

Modern Wall Décor in Canvas Prints

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Now, more than ever, the idea of putting various kinds of abstract designs up in the wall as home décor is getting more and more popular. With it gaining its popularity, so is the different options, kinds and types of designs to choose from. It is called now a modern wall art that decorates your walls in a unique and fresh way. Canvas prints and vinyl wall arts are some of the various designs used as wall art that are in fashion today and are slightly gaining a trend that most people follow.

Canvas prints that are used as modern wall décor is done buy getting very own designs that you have chosen to be printed on canvas. A lot of companies these days are offering canvas prints services but keep in mind to scrutinize the company and its samples first before you place your order. Pick a company that produces good quality modern wall décor that also has rational pricing. Companies are willing to help you work within your budget upon sending them the picture you want them to print on canvas together with the specifications you want with it.

Among the pioneers that offer a good quality deal of canvas prints is MattsCanvas. A Matts Canvas, you can pick a photograph that is pre-designed and available with them or you can simply upload your photographs online. If you are using a small modern canvas art or print, the minimum size of the image is 250 kb. If you are using a large modern canvas art or print, the minimum size of the image in 500 kb. The company also offers you the option to choose if you want a different colour for your image or you can also re-colour the painting in any way that it appeals to you. Another feature is that you can also add special effects to the image that you have chosen to make it even more special. All of these extra special features can be done if you want to convert your photographs to canvas and it also works for other abstract images.

If that is not enough, you can also choose what edge you want for your canvas prints or canvas art. You can choose a blank edge or you may also would want to pick the wrap around edge. There are also different kinds of designs such as floral prints, abstract prints, prints pertaining to landscapes and cities, geometric prints and many other designs. Whatever suits your need, it sure will make your canvas art more attractive. If you want more information on canvas prints, feel free to browse through the Internet and visit websites that offers canvas prints services. By scanning first before placing an order, you can look for companies that offers canvas prints services at a very practical cost. If canvas prints do not appeal to you, you can also try another vogue form of modern wall décor which is the vinyl wall art. Or, you can also give it as a personal gift to your friends or loved ones.

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Magical World Pop Art Photos and Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol is probably one of the most popular advocates of the pop art movement. He is responsible for the most recognizable photo pop art prints ever. His popularity can probably be attributed to his choice of subjects. He made use of the things most ordinary people can relate to. He used subjects that could convey his message even to people who are not art critics.

One of his most popular masterpieces is the series of paintings based on Marilyn Monroe. What is interesting about this series is that he used only one original photo of the great icon. He was able to come up with several color combinations.

Warhol was not limited to photo pop art canvas prints only. One of his favorite subjects was the Campbell Soup brand. His use of this relevant and common branded theme, gave the pop art movement instant recognition from the youth. This theme gave Warhol much creativity; a simple subject that he turned into a great work of art.

He is also made use of shoes as subjects. His unique infusion of vibrant-colored shoes against the dark background brought him immense popularity. His achievements as an illustrator opened several doors for him like movies and TV. His immense popularity also paved the way for the advent of the pop art movement.

The pop art movement came on the heels of the popularity of abstract expressionism. Artists like Warhol deemed it necessary to venture into a more modern and easy to understand art form. Advocates of the pop art movement considered the exclusive abstract expressionism as already outdated. They wanted to bring art closer to the masses – those people who have no formal training on looking at a piece of art or painting. What made this form of art so well known is that they used items that the common people can easily relate to.

Photo pop art printing was not keen on exclusivity. This art form promoted exploring an artist’s creativity. Artists who were passionate about their work were able to bring out their hidden talents and gave their audience a different kind of experience.

After he narrowly escape death, Warhol started to use an unusual subject, something that he didn’t consider using early on in his career. Death became his popular subject when he experienced an almost fatal shooting. The most popular is the Guns series. He wanted to showcase that guns pose a serious threat to safety of the American people; bringing the pop art movement to a whole new level.

Warhol’s differently bold and unique style is best showcased in his Cow wallpaper series. This has been popular among art lovers around the globe. He used psychedelic yellow infused with pinks for this well-known series. His use of these patterns really amazed a lot of art aficionados the world over. This very distinct subject attracted young art enthusiasts to the pop art movement. The actual photo of a cow actually came from an agricultural print, which Warhol repeatedly used as wallpaper subjects.

So, are you up for the challenge of making a unique photo pop art? Just look around you, who knows, you could be the next Andy Warhol.

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Comic Pop Art Canvas Prints

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Popular culture or “pop culture” is proving to be an enduring and edifying part of society’s collective psyche with the explosion of mass media and commercialization in today’ s world. It has found a persistent expression in the arts – the Pop Art Movement in the 50’s and 60’s characterized by using commonplace objects, photos, advertisements and comic strips and rearranging them into visually stunning compositions. The popularity of the artists who pioneered this art movement helped elevate Pop Art into mainstream consciousness. The names Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein are synonymous with the Pop Art Movement and they enjoyed worldwide recognition and cult status.

While Pop Culture has found a lasting expression in the Pop Art Movement, the Pop Art Movement in turn found its lasting medium in canvas prints. Comic pop art on canvas prints in particular are very popular forms of Pop Art. It is brought mainly by an equally enduring popularity and variety of what is known as the Comic Culture – popular throughout the world with a seemingly endless genres and sub-genres that cater to every whim and tastes of the countless comic book fanatics. A deluge of comic book characters both iconic and obscure are being re-immortalized in comic pop art canvas prints throughout the world. Popular DC and Marvel superhero characters heads the list with the likes of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Flash, The X-Men and others leading the fray. Snippets of comic strip panels both retro and current are also popular subjects of comic pop art canvas prints. We see endless panels of Dick Tracy, The Phantom, Archie, Vintage comic strips etc. being used as subjects for canvas prints. Then there’s the Manga genre of Japan and the customized comic pop art canvas prints using photos of real people. The possibilities and the subject matter are endless. Size is not an issue also, for there is a wide range of modern large-format inkjet canvas printers today that can produce large canvas printouts measuring 60” or more. It can be used as a design element in an office or just to highlight a room of a house.

Today’s technology that goes hand in hand with the development and demand for the graphics arts contributed greatly to the boom of pop art canvas prints. As the printing technology became more advanced that produce quality printouts in surprisingly large amounts, almost everyone can afford to have a pop art canvas prints nowadays, fast and easy. The canvas material being used today is generally cheap also, but be sure to receive only 100% cotton canvas as with the popular use of the cheaper plastic-based Poly Canvas material, you must ensure the highest quality at all times. It is primarily used for the reproduction of photographic images but is also gaining popularity as canvas material for other types of canvas prints such as fine art painting reproductions and of course, comic pop art canvas prints.

Customization is another contributing factor to today’s canvas print boom. You can have your picture done comic-style using an image-manipulation software such as Photoshop and then produce a canvas print out of it. Many design and graphics arts outfits offer this kind of service at a very reasonable price.

The possibilities for comic pop art canvas prints are endless. You can have a nice and high-quality reproduction - itself an art form, at a price you can really afford.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

3 Unique Variations of a Pop Art Canvas Design

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If you love taking pictures and you would like to preserve the memories you captured in a very distinct and unique way, then maybe you should consider transferring the photo on canvas by using the pop art canvas method. By transferring your favourite shots on canvas, you can come up with brilliant works of art that is inspired by a photograph you took or even by a portrait of you.

The result of such pop art canvas prints can then be given as a gift to your loved ones as it is deemed fit to be given away for any event. Depending on your taste in art or the preference of the person you want to give the pop art canvas gift to, you can choose from three different art techniques that can be used when making a personalised pop art.

One of the famous pop art photo style is the Andy Warhol style. This is a common choice of those individuals who would like to see the boldness and vividness of the colors splashed on the canvas. It is a very trendy design wherein a combination of four varying hues will be shown on the canvas. For this particular method, a computer-generated color scheme will be used to produce a retro-looking pop art out of your ordinary shots.

There is also the Che Guevara type of pop art which was popularized as a way to project iconic images of an important person in history. This design is popular among the youth so if you would like to give a little tribute or a simple yet unique gift to a friend who has the same tough image as the revolutionary named Che Guevara, this is the ideal style to follow.

Last but not the least, there is the You, Illustrated! version that shows the same vibe as the usual comic strips. This is perfect for those who would like to get the simple yet fun illustration of them. It is also the perfect method to apply when you would like to give gifts to people with a fun-loving nature and a positive outlook towards life. When you opt to choose this method, you might be asked whether you prefer a pen or pencil as a medium for the artwork.

The uniqueness of the items that you can come up with when you use the pop art technique is incomparable. Aside from its great design, items made from pop art canvas are pretty durable as well. This is because the fabric used with the art transfer is the same material used by professional painters and artists whose works can still be seen in museums even after decades.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Own Your Very Own Canvas Art with Canvas Prints

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Many of us are yearning to own paintings to enliven dull rooms in our home. The problem is there’s just not enough budget to buy a genuine painting. It pays to know that it is now possible to own replicas of famous paintings at fraction of the cost without compromising the quality. We are grateful for the birth of canvas prints.

Canvas art or canvas print is the process of printing a photograph directly on canvas. The print can either be black and white or coloured. You can print anything from soft copies of pictures, paintings, to pop art portraits.

The process utilizes inkjet or dye sublimation printers and cotton or poly canvas. In early days, canvas printing is through offset printing. The printing press prepares 3 – 4 molds depending if CMYK or RGB color scheme is used. The whole process usually takes time with the drying needed before putting each colour. It produces unimpressive less detailed results nonetheless. Thanks to modern technology, canvas printing now produces fast and impressive results.

Photographs of your favourite life events can be printed on canvas. You can blow it up to 40 inches of canvas. You can even downsize it to 8 inches of canvas without compromising quality. With that impressive large scale to small scale formats, you will put the wow on the mouths of your guest.

You can also choose to own a replica of famous paintings like that from Van Gogh. Dali, Da Vinci, or Picasso. Each gift will look wonderful that your friends will surely treasure the gift for eternity.

Every detail and every colour is astonishingly copied from the original piece. Canvas art can be yours in days not months. In 10-12 days, a framed or gallery wrapped canvas art will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Owning a canvas art is a simple process. You choose from several choices in our painting gallery or send us a soft copy of a picture you want to be printed. Tell us the dimensions and details of your order. The order will automatically be processed and that is all you have to do.

Canvas art is inexpensive you can own one in just a minimum of 200 bucks. The amount is a far-out cry from thousands or even millions of dollars you have to shell out to pay original works. Because owning one is very affordable, you can order as much artwork as you can. You can change the canvas art in your living room every week.

It requires low maintenance. While original paintings require you to protect it from dust, water, and light, canvas prints minimally needs maintenance. Just get it and hang it. It is that simple.

Lots of people are also into pop art portraits. Pop art portraits are sketched replica of people’s faces. Pop art portraits create a sophisticated and artsy feel if printed on canvas.
Own one canvas art today or give it as gift to a love one. We’re sure you would not be unappreciated.

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Why Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

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It’s always difficult to choose a very special gift for someone you love, especially if you are on a tight budget! However, here is a suggestion that will surely solve your gift searching woes. If you are looking for a classy personalized gift for a very special occasion, look no further. Canvas prints will make great classy personalized gifts!

Whether it’s a personal photo, a portrait, a family picture or a photo of a great landscape or relaxing scenery, all these can easily be transferred and printed on to a canvas. You can even have your photo transformed into a form of a wall art by changing colors and themes. You can also give that portrait that classy look by printing a sepia themed photo to canvas.

Canvas prints can easily change the look of a room. Instead of the more expensive paintings, you can instead have digital files printed into the canvas. Canvas prints will have just about the exact effect on your room as an expensive oil painting. They make great focal points to a room and add new life to a dull room. A favourite artwork or a favourite photo printed on canvas will make your loved one extremely happy!

Photos printed on canvas make great gifts for anniversaries. Why not have a wedding picture printed onto canvas for a couple’s anniversary? Canvas prints of grandchildren’s photos, your family’s portrait or a mosaic of happy moments will also make a great gift for a grandmother’s or granddad’s birthday. A young teenager would also appreciate a personal pop art photo, wall art or modern print into canvas.

Even the look of offices can get a boost with great artworks and landscape photos printed on canvas. They make great gifts for someone who has recently been given a promotion at work or someone who is moving in to a new room at the office! You can have floral designs, landscaped sceneries and still life photos printed on canvas. They also make great gifts for someone who has recently opened a restaurant as these canvas photos will surely make great room decors!

It’s easy to purchase these photos and designs printed on canvas. You can even order them online. If you would like to have a photo printed on canvas, just send the digital image and they will do the work for you. All you have to do is wait to have the product delivered to your doorstep.

You can hardly go wrong when it comes to giving canvas prints as gifts. All you need to do is just choose the right photo and the right design, and you now have the perfect gift! Unlike the flat, photo prints on paper, photos on canvas have a grainy look that gives it a classier, more expensive look. The canvas adds texture to the photo. More importantly, with proper care, canvas prints will last longer than photos printed on matte or glossy paper. You need not spend a fortune when it comes to giving wonderful canvas prints as gifts. It is a gift that will, without a doubt, be very much appreciated.

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pop Art Canvas - A Unique Blend of Arts and Memories

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It can be quite challenging to score for the most impeccable gift that we can ever get for those people dear to us. It’s true that there are tons of speciality shops and unique boutiques from where we can choose gifts from but there are just some which are really striking.

If you would really want to get something unique and personalized and give it as a gift to your loved ones, then maybe you should consider getting into the pop art canvas hype and have their photos transferred to art canvas.

This kind of art is fairly easy to do, considerably affordable, and genuinely unique. Pop art canvas painting is now the new trend both in the field of arts and even as home accents and gift ideas. People opt to have their photos converted into pop art because of the inimitable blend of colors that exudes nothing but vibrancy in every hue and tone of each color splash. And since the design and the process at which these pop art canvas paintings are made are based at the preference of the pop art artist, it is almost hard to find two identical works of art.

All the results of items made from canvas printing process shows beautifully crafted, unique, and perfect streaks with blurs and sharpness in all the right places. Once the conversion process has been finished, it will be printed on an art canvas that is of high-quality. Such canvas can then be framed and hung into the living room to make an interesting piece, or to have it sewn in a bag, a pillowcase, or any other items. Basically, the limitation into what you can come up with a pop art canvas lies on your ideas.

This kind of art has been present for more than half a century now yet it is still patronized by many art makers and art lovers because of the uniqueness and great vibrancy of the colors present in every piece. So when you decide to get a photograph turned into a pop art canvas painting and give it to a special person in your life, it is sure to catch their fancy regardless of their age and preferences.

Gone are the days when you have to spend too much time in thinking what to get for your grandmother or your father as gifts made from pop art canvas is sure to keep those good memories with your loved ones alive.

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