Friday, 16 July 2010

3 Unique Variations of a Pop Art Canvas Design

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If you love taking pictures and you would like to preserve the memories you captured in a very distinct and unique way, then maybe you should consider transferring the photo on canvas by using the pop art canvas method. By transferring your favourite shots on canvas, you can come up with brilliant works of art that is inspired by a photograph you took or even by a portrait of you.

The result of such pop art canvas prints can then be given as a gift to your loved ones as it is deemed fit to be given away for any event. Depending on your taste in art or the preference of the person you want to give the pop art canvas gift to, you can choose from three different art techniques that can be used when making a personalised pop art.

One of the famous pop art photo style is the Andy Warhol style. This is a common choice of those individuals who would like to see the boldness and vividness of the colors splashed on the canvas. It is a very trendy design wherein a combination of four varying hues will be shown on the canvas. For this particular method, a computer-generated color scheme will be used to produce a retro-looking pop art out of your ordinary shots.

There is also the Che Guevara type of pop art which was popularized as a way to project iconic images of an important person in history. This design is popular among the youth so if you would like to give a little tribute or a simple yet unique gift to a friend who has the same tough image as the revolutionary named Che Guevara, this is the ideal style to follow.

Last but not the least, there is the You, Illustrated! version that shows the same vibe as the usual comic strips. This is perfect for those who would like to get the simple yet fun illustration of them. It is also the perfect method to apply when you would like to give gifts to people with a fun-loving nature and a positive outlook towards life. When you opt to choose this method, you might be asked whether you prefer a pen or pencil as a medium for the artwork.

The uniqueness of the items that you can come up with when you use the pop art technique is incomparable. Aside from its great design, items made from pop art canvas are pretty durable as well. This is because the fabric used with the art transfer is the same material used by professional painters and artists whose works can still be seen in museums even after decades.

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