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Comic Pop Art Canvas Prints

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Popular culture or “pop culture” is proving to be an enduring and edifying part of society’s collective psyche with the explosion of mass media and commercialization in today’ s world. It has found a persistent expression in the arts – the Pop Art Movement in the 50’s and 60’s characterized by using commonplace objects, photos, advertisements and comic strips and rearranging them into visually stunning compositions. The popularity of the artists who pioneered this art movement helped elevate Pop Art into mainstream consciousness. The names Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein are synonymous with the Pop Art Movement and they enjoyed worldwide recognition and cult status.

While Pop Culture has found a lasting expression in the Pop Art Movement, the Pop Art Movement in turn found its lasting medium in canvas prints. Comic pop art on canvas prints in particular are very popular forms of Pop Art. It is brought mainly by an equally enduring popularity and variety of what is known as the Comic Culture – popular throughout the world with a seemingly endless genres and sub-genres that cater to every whim and tastes of the countless comic book fanatics. A deluge of comic book characters both iconic and obscure are being re-immortalized in comic pop art canvas prints throughout the world. Popular DC and Marvel superhero characters heads the list with the likes of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Flash, The X-Men and others leading the fray. Snippets of comic strip panels both retro and current are also popular subjects of comic pop art canvas prints. We see endless panels of Dick Tracy, The Phantom, Archie, Vintage comic strips etc. being used as subjects for canvas prints. Then there’s the Manga genre of Japan and the customized comic pop art canvas prints using photos of real people. The possibilities and the subject matter are endless. Size is not an issue also, for there is a wide range of modern large-format inkjet canvas printers today that can produce large canvas printouts measuring 60” or more. It can be used as a design element in an office or just to highlight a room of a house.

Today’s technology that goes hand in hand with the development and demand for the graphics arts contributed greatly to the boom of pop art canvas prints. As the printing technology became more advanced that produce quality printouts in surprisingly large amounts, almost everyone can afford to have a pop art canvas prints nowadays, fast and easy. The canvas material being used today is generally cheap also, but be sure to receive only 100% cotton canvas as with the popular use of the cheaper plastic-based Poly Canvas material, you must ensure the highest quality at all times. It is primarily used for the reproduction of photographic images but is also gaining popularity as canvas material for other types of canvas prints such as fine art painting reproductions and of course, comic pop art canvas prints.

Customization is another contributing factor to today’s canvas print boom. You can have your picture done comic-style using an image-manipulation software such as Photoshop and then produce a canvas print out of it. Many design and graphics arts outfits offer this kind of service at a very reasonable price.

The possibilities for comic pop art canvas prints are endless. You can have a nice and high-quality reproduction - itself an art form, at a price you can really afford.

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