Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Magical World Pop Art Photos and Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol is probably one of the most popular advocates of the pop art movement. He is responsible for the most recognizable photo pop art prints ever. His popularity can probably be attributed to his choice of subjects. He made use of the things most ordinary people can relate to. He used subjects that could convey his message even to people who are not art critics.

One of his most popular masterpieces is the series of paintings based on Marilyn Monroe. What is interesting about this series is that he used only one original photo of the great icon. He was able to come up with several color combinations.

Warhol was not limited to photo pop art canvas prints only. One of his favorite subjects was the Campbell Soup brand. His use of this relevant and common branded theme, gave the pop art movement instant recognition from the youth. This theme gave Warhol much creativity; a simple subject that he turned into a great work of art.

He is also made use of shoes as subjects. His unique infusion of vibrant-colored shoes against the dark background brought him immense popularity. His achievements as an illustrator opened several doors for him like movies and TV. His immense popularity also paved the way for the advent of the pop art movement.

The pop art movement came on the heels of the popularity of abstract expressionism. Artists like Warhol deemed it necessary to venture into a more modern and easy to understand art form. Advocates of the pop art movement considered the exclusive abstract expressionism as already outdated. They wanted to bring art closer to the masses – those people who have no formal training on looking at a piece of art or painting. What made this form of art so well known is that they used items that the common people can easily relate to.

Photo pop art printing was not keen on exclusivity. This art form promoted exploring an artist’s creativity. Artists who were passionate about their work were able to bring out their hidden talents and gave their audience a different kind of experience.

After he narrowly escape death, Warhol started to use an unusual subject, something that he didn’t consider using early on in his career. Death became his popular subject when he experienced an almost fatal shooting. The most popular is the Guns series. He wanted to showcase that guns pose a serious threat to safety of the American people; bringing the pop art movement to a whole new level.

Warhol’s differently bold and unique style is best showcased in his Cow wallpaper series. This has been popular among art lovers around the globe. He used psychedelic yellow infused with pinks for this well-known series. His use of these patterns really amazed a lot of art aficionados the world over. This very distinct subject attracted young art enthusiasts to the pop art movement. The actual photo of a cow actually came from an agricultural print, which Warhol repeatedly used as wallpaper subjects.

So, are you up for the challenge of making a unique photo pop art? Just look around you, who knows, you could be the next Andy Warhol.

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