Friday, 30 July 2010

Modern Wall Décor in Canvas Prints

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Now, more than ever, the idea of putting various kinds of abstract designs up in the wall as home décor is getting more and more popular. With it gaining its popularity, so is the different options, kinds and types of designs to choose from. It is called now a modern wall art that decorates your walls in a unique and fresh way. Canvas prints and vinyl wall arts are some of the various designs used as wall art that are in fashion today and are slightly gaining a trend that most people follow.

Canvas prints that are used as modern wall décor is done buy getting very own designs that you have chosen to be printed on canvas. A lot of companies these days are offering canvas prints services but keep in mind to scrutinize the company and its samples first before you place your order. Pick a company that produces good quality modern wall décor that also has rational pricing. Companies are willing to help you work within your budget upon sending them the picture you want them to print on canvas together with the specifications you want with it.

Among the pioneers that offer a good quality deal of canvas prints is MattsCanvas. A Matts Canvas, you can pick a photograph that is pre-designed and available with them or you can simply upload your photographs online. If you are using a small modern canvas art or print, the minimum size of the image is 250 kb. If you are using a large modern canvas art or print, the minimum size of the image in 500 kb. The company also offers you the option to choose if you want a different colour for your image or you can also re-colour the painting in any way that it appeals to you. Another feature is that you can also add special effects to the image that you have chosen to make it even more special. All of these extra special features can be done if you want to convert your photographs to canvas and it also works for other abstract images.

If that is not enough, you can also choose what edge you want for your canvas prints or canvas art. You can choose a blank edge or you may also would want to pick the wrap around edge. There are also different kinds of designs such as floral prints, abstract prints, prints pertaining to landscapes and cities, geometric prints and many other designs. Whatever suits your need, it sure will make your canvas art more attractive. If you want more information on canvas prints, feel free to browse through the Internet and visit websites that offers canvas prints services. By scanning first before placing an order, you can look for companies that offers canvas prints services at a very practical cost. If canvas prints do not appeal to you, you can also try another vogue form of modern wall décor which is the vinyl wall art. Or, you can also give it as a personal gift to your friends or loved ones.

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