Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Own Your Very Own Canvas Art with Canvas Prints

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Many of us are yearning to own paintings to enliven dull rooms in our home. The problem is there’s just not enough budget to buy a genuine painting. It pays to know that it is now possible to own replicas of famous paintings at fraction of the cost without compromising the quality. We are grateful for the birth of canvas prints.

Canvas art or canvas print is the process of printing a photograph directly on canvas. The print can either be black and white or coloured. You can print anything from soft copies of pictures, paintings, to pop art portraits.

The process utilizes inkjet or dye sublimation printers and cotton or poly canvas. In early days, canvas printing is through offset printing. The printing press prepares 3 – 4 molds depending if CMYK or RGB color scheme is used. The whole process usually takes time with the drying needed before putting each colour. It produces unimpressive less detailed results nonetheless. Thanks to modern technology, canvas printing now produces fast and impressive results.

Photographs of your favourite life events can be printed on canvas. You can blow it up to 40 inches of canvas. You can even downsize it to 8 inches of canvas without compromising quality. With that impressive large scale to small scale formats, you will put the wow on the mouths of your guest.

You can also choose to own a replica of famous paintings like that from Van Gogh. Dali, Da Vinci, or Picasso. Each gift will look wonderful that your friends will surely treasure the gift for eternity.

Every detail and every colour is astonishingly copied from the original piece. Canvas art can be yours in days not months. In 10-12 days, a framed or gallery wrapped canvas art will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Owning a canvas art is a simple process. You choose from several choices in our painting gallery or send us a soft copy of a picture you want to be printed. Tell us the dimensions and details of your order. The order will automatically be processed and that is all you have to do.

Canvas art is inexpensive you can own one in just a minimum of 200 bucks. The amount is a far-out cry from thousands or even millions of dollars you have to shell out to pay original works. Because owning one is very affordable, you can order as much artwork as you can. You can change the canvas art in your living room every week.

It requires low maintenance. While original paintings require you to protect it from dust, water, and light, canvas prints minimally needs maintenance. Just get it and hang it. It is that simple.

Lots of people are also into pop art portraits. Pop art portraits are sketched replica of people’s faces. Pop art portraits create a sophisticated and artsy feel if printed on canvas.
Own one canvas art today or give it as gift to a love one. We’re sure you would not be unappreciated.

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