Friday, 18 February 2011

Pop Art Portraits

You want to make your house a home. Floorings and furniture are not enough. You want something more. So now, you consider to decorate your walls to fill those blank spaces with style and décor. However, the family’s budget is quite tight. You have to wait, stop and think “First, I’m going food shopping, then pay little Angie’s tuition, settle those electricity bills, then buy a new…etc”. The expenditures are endless! Of course, you dream of having a fancy home with chic wall décors, but your wallet is already coughing up due to “dryness”. Some pop art portraits can be so expensive. But do not worry! Why spend your hard earned cash when you can make your own wall art? Let your artistic talents and imagination glow! One does not have to be an expert on good design. So, why not try these ideas? more at the home of canvas prints

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